Zhenggong Hollowblock Making Machine(Semi-Auto) QT3-20

Hollow block making machines by Zhenggong are manufactured using high grade materials, which ensures efficiency, longer equipment life, ease of use and maintain. Our machines are very easy to use and operate, hence making it consume less power and have a good value for money. Both our semi-automatic and fully-automatic hollow block making machines combine efficiency with optimum utility to produce high quality and reliable blocks, bricks, pavers, curbstones, and other type of blocks used for construction.

Vibration Frequency 4000-5600 (adjustable)
Molding Cycle 20-30s
Specification of Moulding Box 620*540 (mm)
Power 14.7 kw
Weight 3.5T
Pallet Dimension 680*530*20 (mm) Bamboo Pallet
Installation Dimension 10,000*4500*2600(mm)
Others Inclusive of 3 moulders (CHB 4", 5" & 6")
500 pallets, 3 pushcarts, 2 wheelbarrows and 1 mixer
Note The quoted Price does not include the ffg items to be used in the installation of the unit.
Items to be prepared by the customer:
1 drum Hydraulic Oil no. 60 or 68, Gear Oil no. 140 -16 liters, and gear oil no. 90 -3 liters