FAW 270 HP Dump Truck FAW270D10

A Dump Truck is mostly used to transport loose materials such as sand, gravel, or dirt. QSJ offers variety of Dump Truck models to make sure that we can provide you anything that will meet your dumping needs. It is equipped with high-quality open box-bed and a hydraulic piston, which allows easy dumping of materials to the ground behind the truck. It can also be used to transport other materials like furniture, heavy bags of soil, etc.

Engine Model WP10.270E32
Displacement(L) Model 9.726
Max. Output Power kW/(r/min) 195/2200
Max. Torque Nm/(r/min) 1100/1200-1600
Min. Fuel Consumption g/(kW/h) 196
Cab Type New j5p ,flat floor and roof, Surround interior, Full floating
Frame Type Side rails, punching and riveted construction
Main Rail section 280*90*8(mm)
Min. Steering Diameter (m) 17
Max. Speed (km/h) 98
Fuel Consumption(l/100km) 38
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 400
Overall dimensions of Truck chassis 7025/7725 x 2490 x 2820/2950
Wheel Base(mm) 3500+1350
Steering Power Steering