FAW 270 HP Transit Mixer FAW270M10

FAW Transit Mixers are tested with quality to ensure its efficiency, strength, and performance. Its mixing drum and spiral blade, which are the two essential parts of a concrete mixer, are made from highly durable steel which ensures efficient mixing while transporting the concrete/mortar from the concrete batching plant directly to your site.

Engine Model WP10.270E32
Displacement(L) Model 9.726
Max. Output Power kW/(r/min) 195/2200
Max. Torque Nm/(r/min) 1100/1200-1600
Min. Fuel Consumption g/(kW/h) 196
Cab Type New j5p ,flat floor and roof, Surround interior, Full floating
Frame Type Side rails, punching and riveted construction
Main Rail section 280*90*8(mm)
Min. Steering Diameter (m) 17
Max. Speed (km/h) 96
Fuel Consumption(l/100km) 38
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 400
Overall dimensions of Truck chassis 7525/8530 x 2490 x 2820/3900
Wheel Base(mm) 3500+1350
Steering Power Steering