QSJ Backhoe Wheel Type M140EW-6

QSJ backhoe wheel type excavator is designed to provide you with more power, durability, comfort, and control, which can help you get more done everyday. QSJ enhanced each parts of the equipment to ensure that it will meet all of your excavation needs.

Model M140EW-6
Engine Model  YC4A125Z
Shipping Length 7350 mm
Shipping Height 3350 mm
Overall Width 2600 mm
Tire Type 8.25-20 mm
Radius, Swing Center to Rear End 2350 mm
Wheel Base 2600 mm
Wheel Tread 1965 mm
Steering Width 2430 mm
Max. Digging Height 7361 mm
Max. Dumping Height 5405 mm
Max. Digging Depth 4508 mm
Max. Digging Radius 7577 mm
Power 92/2200 kw/rpm
Hydraulic System Pressure 23 Mpa
Hydraulic System Flow 140X2 L/min
Bucket Volume 0.55 m3
Bucket Digging Force 80 KN
Arm Digging Force 50 KN
Gradeability 20 degrees
Rotation Speed 11 r/min
Travel Speed 18 km
Approximate Weight 12500 kg