QSJ Excavator M60E-6

QSJ Excavator is built with quality to ensure excellent performance, comfort, and safety. Its ease of use increase productivity in the site, and keeps your operator safe and fatigue-free as possible. So, whether you need more digging depth, more power, greater reach, more lift capacity, higher breakout force or more swing torque, QSJ Excavators can definitely meet your construction requirements.

Model M60E-6
Engine Model YC4F60Z-T20
Tail swing radius 1650 mm
Ground Clearnace 350 mm
Track Length 2540 mm
Track Shoe Width 400 mm
Length 5850 mm
Full width of the crawler 1880 mm
Boom Length 3000 mm
Stick length 1600 mm
Max. Digging range 6150 mm
Max. Digging Depth 3820 mm
Max. Digging height 5760d mm
Max. Discharge height 4030 mm
Bucket Digging Force 37.7 KN
Stick Dogging Force 28.4 KN