QSJ Bulk Cement Carrier FM8W38

QSJ also manufactures a well-designed Bulk Cement Carrier, which focuses on providing safety, reliability, and excellent performance. QSJ Bulk Cement Carriers are integrated with cement packaging, transportation, and storage. Expert engineers also tested its efficiency and flexibility to ensure that it can maintain the cement quality.

Model FM8W38
Capacity 38m3
Number of Axle 2
Number of Tires 8
Tire Size 11R x 22.5
Air Compressor (Model) BDW-9.0/2
Form Oil- free Oscillating Piston
Working Pressure (Mpa) 0.2
Displacement (m3/ Min) 9
Speed (r/Min) 1100
Continuous Working Duration (min) 60
Diesel Engine (Model) ZH4100P9
Power 40.4
Rated Speed 2000