QSJ Backhoe Loader M610EL

QSJ Backhoe Loaders are designed to deliver the power and precise handling you need to increase productivity on the job site. Each units are tested to ensure the quality of the equipment. It is built with fine components to ensure its durability when used for digging, trenching, back-filling and material handling. Its ease of use also allows you to quickly travel on the road to the job site, which makes it more efficient.

Model M610EL
Engine Model  WP4G95E221
Length x Width x Height 5865mm x 2270mm x 3599mm
Over All Width (Outside of rear wheel) 2240mm
Max. Dumping Height 2176mm
Dumping Distance 819mm
Min. Ground Clearance 346mm
Max. Digging Depth 4329mm (Standard Boom)
5352mm (Telescopic Boom)
Max. Digging Depth 5343mm (Standard Boom)
6305mm (Telescopic Boom)
Wheel Tread (front/rear) 1928/1790mm
Wheel Base 2170mm
Overall Working Weight 8400-8700kg
Loading Bucket Capacity 1
Rated Load 1800kg
Min. turning Raduis (outside of Front Wheel) 4178mm
Horizontal Crossing Radius (outside of the Bucket) 5426mm
Max. Tractive Force 82kn
Digging Bucket Capacity 0.18
Max. Digging Force 50kn
Max. Break Out Force 60kn
Max. Greakout Force 22
Type Inline, Water-cooled, Direct Injection
Power/ Speed 70kw/ 2200r/min
Engine Displacement 4.5L
Cylinder Bore/ Stroke 105/130mm
Rated Fuel Consumption 230g/kw.h
Max. Torque 380mm
Fuel 160L