QSJ Wheel Loader M215L

QSJ Wheel Loaders are made with quality to ensure reliability, efficiency, productivity, performance, safety, and comfort. Its loading shovel is designed to provide great versatility to help you move or load materials into trucks or other transport materials around job sites with ease. We offer variety of model configurations to meet your requirements. So, whether you will be using the equipment for mining, construction, or other heavy duty tasks, our wheel loaders will definitely help you finish the job on time and well done.

Model M215L
Engine Model  YC4B90Z-T20
Rated Load 2000 kg
Bucket Capacity 1.3 m3
Wheel Base 2530/ 1510 mm
Max. Break out Force 54 Kn
Max. Height Unload 3050 mm
Unloading Distance 885 mm
Three Time 8.3 s
Engine Power 60 kw
Machine Weight 6.2 tons
Maximum Speed 27 km/h
Pilot Mono Lever
Transmission, Torque Converter Split type
Air- conditioning Single Cooled
Tire 16/70-20